Methods:  Belcanto singing is considered the necessary method enabling one to sing from Bach to Wagner!! 

The Academy offers:

  • Private singing lessons
  • Masterclasses by various international experts
  • Courses in a.o. auditioning, stage performance and role Interpretation.
  • Acting lessons - Language coaching
  • Role study with expert accompanists
  • Preparing for auditions - Stage experience
  • Personal support and advice

Appointments for private lessons can be made by Raymond Modesti.

Contact information can be asked  from the academy administration

  • Singing lessons
  • Preparation for auditions
  • Study with an accompanist
  • Private language coaching
  • Private career coaching

NB: All financial agreements concerning academy teachers, as well as academy masterclasses and courses must go through the academy administration.
In case of cancellation less than 24 hours before a private lesson the student is obliged to meet the full tuition.
For more information and before application read the Terms and Conditions for participants.


Regular staff: Director/Vocal coach: Raymond Modesti  http://www.raymondmodesti.com/

Accompanists: Maarten Hillenius, Han-Louis Meijer,

Sunghee Jo,Thijn Vermeulen.

Stage direction: Nelly Vogler

Conductors: Ivo Meinen, Lex Wiersma, Jorge Lavista

Audition training: Jolanta Nicolai  http://all-you-need-pmn.blogspot.nl/     

Guests: Max van Egmond (baroque specialist)

Detlef Soelter  https://www.operamusica.com/artist/detlef-soelter/

Marita Knobel